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Daycare & Preschool Programs

      Our Hands On, Play Based Curriculum includes Learning opportunities in Small and Large Group Activities, Circle Time, Spanish, Sign Language, Outside Activities, Music and Movement, Math, Science and Sensory Exploration, Computers, and Reading and Writing  Activities. Star Academy teachers are here to provide the best quality care for your child. In addition to the state mandated requirements, our staff receives on-going trainings to help them grow their knowledge in Early Childhood Education. Our love of learning shows in the way we teach and our love for children shows in the care we provide!

The Infant Program: Ages 6 weeks- One

Your baby is precious. Our loving and kind teachers will give your baby the comfort and individual attention needed to build relationships while encouraging your baby to develop their individual personality. Our infant curriculum encourages stimulating exploration in large and small motor skills, communication and language, social and emotional development, cognitive skills and sensory experiences. Sign language, and introduction to Spanish and Baby Yoga are incorporated in daily activities to enhance your baby’s physical and academic growth.

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The Toddler Program: Ages One & Two

Toddlers are little miracles. They are excitable, on-the-go, and approach the world with a reckless abandon. It is important that they have clear guidance during this transitionary period. Our teachers help their development in a safe learning environment. Skills we work on include language and social interaction, creativity through song, potty training, and refinement of motor skills. Parents receive detailed reports every day that includes their child's progress as well as their meals and naps.

The Preschool Program: Ages Three & Four

It is very exciting to be a preschooler. Achievements and accomplishments are a new and exciting, phenomenon and appropriate challenges are the gateways to their success. At Star Academy Preschool, we develop weekly themes with the children to work on their vocabulary and test their decision making skills. Physical, language, and cognitive milestones are documented for parents to track their progress. The children enjoy various music, art, and outdoor activities as well as literacy and writing exercises.

The Pre-K Program: Ages Four & Five

It's that tender age before kindergarten where manners and comprehension become truly critical. We believe in a strong pre-k curriculum that will have a positive effect on their academic performance. We focus on phonics at the alphabet station, numbers and math skills, dramatic play, science, and literacy. As with our other programs, parents receive regular progress reports.

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Summer Camp & Before-&-After-School Programs

Modern families have busy schedules. Many parents work long and odd hours to provide for their families, making it difficult to arrange pickups for their kids before and after school. Further, it can be difficult to find someone you trust to watch your children during the summer.

At Star Academy Preschool, we understand the needs of these families. That is why we are open as early as 5:30 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening, and Saturday from 6:00am -6:00pm. We provide fun and structured programs for school-aged kids between the ages of five and twelve,
as well as for preschoolers.

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Summer Camp Programs

The Nevada summer is very hot, but it is the length of the summer that proves brutal for parents. Children require structure to keep their minds fresh and their behavior appropriate. A parent can only do so much. At Star Academy Preschool, we offer half-day and full-day camps. Parents have the peace of mind that their children will be watched by certified teachers who will care for them and give them the attention that they deserve.

Before-School & After-School Care

What used to be considered an odd schedule is not quite as unusual as it used to be. As a result, children need a place to go while their parents are still at work. We offer a relaxing environment where kids can hang out with their friends, do their homework, and receive the accommodations they require. We include breakfast and after-school snacks with this program, so parents can be confident that their children receive the nourishment they need.